Europe/Vienna – 04:04

Vienna, 09. Oktober 2018

CQ Investment Group AG launches new strategic partnership with Quantic Risk Solutions

The CQ Investment Group is to take its next strategic step toward digitalization and acquire a 50.1% interest in Quantic Risk Solutions GmbH. This company was established 6 years ago, has six partners and specializes in quantitative fundamental and risk analysis. The CQ Investment Group will thus strengthen its position in the field of quantitative asset management with the use of next-generation technologies.

By means of an innovative, quantitative approach, the proprietary products “CreditDynamix” and “AssetDynamix” combine the entire financial data of stock exchange-listed companies and also companies not listed on the stock exchange. These systems predict the financial performance of individual companies. For this purpose, market and fundamental data are analyzed through a fully automated process and risk and investment strategies thus identified. The relevant company universe and specific macroeconomic scenarios can be individually defined. As the basis for this process, data of many millions of companies worldwide are quantitatively assessed, predicted and awarded a risk rating and incorporated in overall strategies.

This quantitative approach is unique and represents a new evolutionary stage for the risk, insurance and investment world. Several well-known and systemically important European banks and insurance firms are already using the product “CreditDynamix”.

“Through this equity investment, the CQ Investment Group will be able to further develop its expertise in the field of quantitative asset management and expand its product portfolio to include risk management services,” says CQ founder and CEO Alexander Schütz of this new partnership.

“With the CQ Investment Group, we have found a top professional partner. “We are sure that together we will establish a new benchmark in the financial sector,” remarks Walter Mussil, founder and partner of Quantic Risk Solutions.

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