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Vienna, February 27, 2020

C-QUADRAT Asset Management GmbH acquires ARIQON Asset Management AG

  • • C-QUADRAT continues to grow - the volume of C-Quadrat Investment Group increases by approximately EUR 200 million to over EUR 8 billion
  • • Continuation of the ARIQON funds with the addition of C-QUADRAT expertise to the management concept

C-QUADRAT Asset Management GmbH, a subsidiary of C-Quadrat Investment AG, has reached an agreement with the shareholders of the Austrian ARIQON Asset Management AG ("ARIQON") to purchase 100% of the shares in ARIQON and will thus - subject to the approval of the Austrian Financial Market Authority - take over the long-standing asset and fund manager ARIQON.

ARIQON Asset Management is one of the pioneers of Austrian bank- and insurance-independent asset managers and has managed several investment funds since 1999. In the field of multi-asset funds, ARIQON was one of the first providers in Austria.

C-QUADRAT Asset Management GmbH is one of the leading bank-independent asset managers in the German-speaking region with a focus on multi assets, sustainability and microfinance.

The ARIQON funds will continue to be invested according to a modern, quantitative asset allocation model. Flexibility in the asset allocation orientation, systematic risk management and rapid adaptation to changing market conditions remain at the heart of this model. In addition to traditional fund selection, ETF products are also included in the portfolios.

About CQ

The C-Quadrat Investment Group consists of several independent asset management companies that specialize in quantitative as well as discretionary absolute and total return strategies. The goal of all investment activities is to achieve continuous and sustainable returns for institutional and private investors. C-Quadrat Investment Group is a pioneer in sustainable investments and was recently named ESG Group of the Year 2019/Europe by Investor Magazine.

Founded in Vienna in 1991, C-Quadrat Investment Group today has offices in Vienna, Paris, Frankfurt, Madrid, Geneva, Zurich, Yerevan and Tbilisi and operates in more than 21 countries in Europe and Asia.

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